Phoenix Air USA      
Hangar: 2178 Taxiway F Unit H Minden Tahoe Airport, NV
Office and Mailing Address: PO Box 1233  Genoa, NV  89411
Cell Phone: 352-250-5644


Phoenix Air s.r.o. is located in the Czech Republic.  They produce the magnificent Phoenix, which is certified in the US as an S-LSA Glider.  It is imported by Lee Aviation, LLC, dba Phoenix Air USA in Minden, NV (352-250-5644
The Phoenix motorglider is manufactured by highly trained technicians who have been involved in aircraft design and production for several generations.  They have experience in all types of aircraft manufacture, but specialize in composite construction.  They use well proven techniques to build a strong, safe, lightweight structure which enables cruise speeds over 100kts yet weighs only 740 pounds, resulting in extraordinary soaring capabilities.
Two sets of wingtips allow a flight span of 35 or 49 feet, with a hangar span of only 34 feet  When flown with the 35 foot span, the Phoenix is nimble and quick, with pylon racer flight characteristics.  Change to the 49 foot wingtip in mere seconds, and the Phoenix transforms into a wonderful soaring machine, capable of extended thermal, ridge, or wave flights.
The Phoenix can be flown for hundreds or thousands of miles in comfort and safety with either set of wingtips.  The reliable and proven 100hp Rotax 912ULS engine purrs with a smoothness unknown to Lycoming or Continental drivers.
The dual-purpose Phoenix is THE top of the line light sport aircraft (voted the number one production LSA by the judges at Sun n Fun 2013!) with more versatility and functionality than any other light aircraft.  And this means you can have more fun, and get more bang for your buck!  Call us or email for current pricing and options.  We look forward to showing you just how amazing this new aircraft is!
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