Phoenix Air USA      
Hangar: 2178 Taxiway F Unit H Minden Tahoe Airport, NV
Office and Mailing Address: PO Box 1233  Genoa, NV  89411
Cell Phone: 352-250-5644

Instrument Panels

                                                                                          STANDARD PANEL
Analog flight and engine instruments.  Becker tranceiver, PS Engineering intercom with music input, speaker and boom mike switches for soaring flight without headsets.  This is the panel which comes with the base price of the Phoenix, $159,000.

                                                                                 DELUXE STANDARD PANEL
Added to the Standard Panel are the Trig TT22 transponder, Tasman Electric Variometer, and Garmin Aera. Aircraft price: $163,100


 Dynon Skyview Panel
Dynon Skyview with primary flight display, maps, and engine monitoring system with split screen capability and  synthetic terrain controlled by an ADHRS for accurate flight display representation.  The Dynon autopilot has all of the functions you need including gps route following and altitude hold (or you can select advanced controls for IFR type autopilot controls with vertical navigation). The Skyview also comes with a built in Mode S transponder, ADSB traffic and weather.  The Dynon transceiver allows one button pushing from the Skyview to load all of the radio frequencies for an airport!  The new Dynon intercom works perfectly.  The TE LXNav S3 electric variometer features up and down audio, averaging and has a very pleasant tone.  Backup airspeed, altimeter and variometer can be used for soaring flight with the option to have any other instruments turned off.
  Total price, $181,665 (mini iPad not included)


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