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Pilot Comments

Hi Jim,
Last Friday Clarisse and I flew up to Wellsboro, PA. Stayed in a nice lodge, rented bikes and rode about 40 very easy miles on the rail to trail bike path through Pine Creek Gorge and did some hiking along the canyon rim. Saw some bald eagles and very early fall foliage season.  Beautiful flights up and back with VFR on top at 7,500 -8500 msl on auto pilot most of the way. Exceptionally clear skies on way back with a dramatic contrast between the largely wild, and extensive, Allegheny Plateau and Appalachians of Northern PA below us and a crystal clear view of Manhattan to our east as we made our way south.  Wellsboro is at 1890 msl, and it was moderately windy and significantly squirrely on both take off and landing.  Enterprise is great, and a car was waiting for us at Wellsboro airport when we arrived.

So far, no noticeable oil burn or coolant loss. Cylinder compressions and plugs were all good. No battery, comm, or Dynon problems. I think that the Adventure pilot gps's recent software update may allow wi-fi export to Dynon for flight plans...will have to tinker with it.  No leaks of any type. Fuel line silicone insulation had minor wear points where it rested on sharp points of engine block. Mechanic fabricated simple buffer/pad to protect them.  Adventure Pilot 720 is working out well for me with full sets of seamless charts and critical info on every airport and "nearest" feature...very good flight planning too.  Gives sense of security since it is independent of plane's electrical system. I carry a hand held comm in plane with headset jacks just in case. Spot PLB is amazingly accurate. Lightspeed and Halo headsets are excellent...Clarisse likes the Halo, and it seems to work well for her.  I had a minor problem with PTT sticking down, but tiny drop of WD-40 completely resolved it. Lubed cowl flap cable today, and operates much more smoothly. Tires look good with even wear pattern so far as I can tell. The Home Depot vinyl gutter air conditioner has been a great help in the summer months but no longer needed since oat at normal flight altitudes is now very comfy. So far I haven't even flown with the short tips.  I've been enjoying the heck out of both the plane and my partial retirement.
Doing some litigation support work and neuroscience consultation for fun and profit, but my schedule is my own.

Today had new carb floats installed, oil change, and 100 hour engine inspection...done at only 72.5 hours, but wanted floats and oil done before ferry flight to MLB and seemed prudent to do all at once. Will have airframe inspection done before going to MLB by someone who has extensive composite and glider experience.
Regards to Kathy,

Hi Jim,
      Are you and Kathy back to MLB safe and sound?  I hope you had a nice visit with you friends.
 We have good news....  The permanent T hangar came available in SVC toady and we put the plane in with room to spare.   Now a giant $75/ mo. vs the $500/mo for the big hangar.  It couldn't have been better timing as we waited about 5 1/2 years for the hangar to become available and the day came only 2 weeks after we got the plane here.  It must have been meant to be.
On another note, Cheryl and I flew over to Lordsburg on Monday.  After gliding in  from only 12 miles out we made a nice traffic pattern, landing and roll out to the ramp motor off.  After we got out of the plane and started pushing to the fuel pumps 125 feet in front of us the lady who runs the airport / Unicom, came driving in to work.  She saw us on the ramp pushing the plane and drove over to ask, "Did you run out of fuel"?  After holding back a chuckle we told her it is a motor glider and glided in to land.  She frowned a bit and drove away to park.
I thought you might enjoy her remarks as much as we did.  Perhaps you could even share the moment with your friends.
Safe Travels,  Randy

Gary, our instructor loves the ship and has about 15-20 hrs in it in most every configuration.  He checked out Doug and I and (both over 6 hrs dual and probably 16 hrs ground like you estimated) and we both have hundreds of glider and taildragger time.  Everyone loves the balance with long wings and I soared it yesterday gained 1500 ft floated back and landed it glider style. 
It feels like half the glider club has sat in it or wants a ride..
We want to keep a complete set of tires and tubes (we have one spare tire), can we source in the US or what do you recommend? 
All in all 10/10 what an awesome plane, we all wish they could build them in bigger quantities. 
I think Ed has us covered with engine spares.  We have spare brake pads and were going to get spare tires, is there anything else you think we should order for spares?
Many thanks

Jim -
 Fantastic job with the "blog"! Any pilot that could look at all that and not want a Phoenix just doesn't have blood in their veins!
I just looked at all the pictures and read all the text and got so excited that I knew that I  MUST get a Phoenix! Then I remembered that I already HAVE one! Yeeee Ha!!
And all that after eight hours of flying it in the last week! Lynn and I just got back from our third trip up to the Great Basin from Yuma this summer. The plane performed beautifully.
Best wishes.

Hi Jim, Ed here – I don’t know whether John has called you yet but wanted to let you know we are safely in the hangar in Sedona and John greased in a beautiful landing in Sedona in a little bit of crosswind. Everything worked fine.  Fantastic airplane, wonderful training, great hospitality and generosity and patience.  I thank you a  thousand times for introducing me to the Phoenix.  I am just shot in the ass with that airplane.  Thanks again, we’re confident we can take care of it for you (and us).  Ha!  So we’re real happy and I just want to thank you for your participation and your help.  Talk to you later, Ed

Hi Jim,
For me this trip from Melbourne to Bogota was also an extraordinary experience not only because of the trip in itself but because of the company and being able to know you better. Thank you,

Hola mi Amigos,
Though you might enjoy a few pictures of my non-stop flight from Rome KRME to Waupaca WI KPCZ (40 miles west of KOSH). A hanger was available at Waupaca. 612 nm   5hr 32 min  23 gal of fuel. The return trip 22 gal, total 45 gal ... that's a bit more than half a tank for the Moose, about 2.6 hrs.
Was the nicest flight of probably 50 times on that route. Above the cloud layer, 6.5K over Canada and then 8.5K over lake Michigan. All on autopilot, smooth as glass ... Phoenix Power Baby!
Hope all is well with youzzz and families,
Don Don

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