Phoenix Air USA      
Hangar: 2178 Taxiway F Unit H Minden Tahoe Airport, NV
Office and Mailing Address: PO Box 1233  Genoa, NV  89411
Cell Phone: 352-250-5644

Service Bulletins

Phoenix SB01 addresses the fuel tank inspection plate for corroded nuts during the next annual inspection.
SB 01 Tank access plate nut corrosion signed.pdf
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Release date: September 20, 2013

Notice takes effect: September 20, 2013

Limitations: None

S-LSA Phoenix U15

Serial numbers 02/U15 to 21/U15 inclusive

Service bulletin number 01

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Subject:  Corrosion of nuts and washers on attachment studs on fuel tank access plate.

Description:  Two aircraft, 05/U15 and 11/U15 (which were built at the same time) were found with zinc plated nuts and washers used to secure the access plate instead of the prescribed stainless steel nuts and washers.  This resulted in extensive corrosion of the nuts and washers.

Documentation photographs taken during aircraft assembly in Florida show that no corrosion was present during the assembly of any other aircraft.  It is believed that no other aircraft are affected.

Procedure:  During the next wing removal and at least during the next annual inspection, inspect the nuts and washers for corrosion.  If corrosion exists, contact Lee Aviation, LLC for replacement parts.

Lee Aviation, LLC

PO Box 1233  2458 Genoa Meadows Circle  Genoa, NV  89411


 Phoenix SB02 prohibits the use of fuel containing ethanol.
SB 02 No Ethanol bulletin.pdf
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Release date: October 10, 2013

Notice takes effect: October 10, 2013

Limitations: None

S-LSA Phoenix U15

Serial numbers: All

Service bulletin number 02

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Subject:  Prohibition of use of ethanol fuel in all Phoenix U15 aircraft.

Description:  Phoenix U15 serial number 02/U15 has been found to have cosmetic damage to the polyester gel coat finish to the wings in the area of the fuel tank.  It is believed that this damage is caused by the corrosive nature of ethanol fuel.  Although the fuel tanks are coated with an ethanol resistant coating, the ethanol fuel was able to get past this protective barrier.

Procedure:  If you are using ethanol fuel or any alcohol content, change to 100LL or no-ethanol unleaded fuel with an octane rating of 91 or greater if using the 100hp Rotax engine.  Remove the fuel decal next to the fuel filler opening concerning the use of ethanol.  Apply a new decal obtained from Phoenix Air s.r.o.  Cross out the reference on the use of ethanol fuel in the AOI on page 19: “ Do not use fuel containing more than 10% ethanol“.

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