Phoenix Air USA      
Hangar: 2178 Taxiway F Unit H Minden Tahoe Airport, NV
Office and Mailing Address: PO Box 1233  Genoa, NV  89411
Cell Phone: 352-250-5644


S-LSA Certification

Carbon construction
Magnum Ballistic Parachute System

Rotax 912ULS – 100 hp 

Transceiver and antenna
PM 3000 intercom
Shark wingtips (35' span)
Manual feathering prop - Woodcomp Varia 1.6
Tinted canopy
Sliding windows on both sides with vents
Forward air vent and canopy defrost
Cabin heat
Microphone and speaker for soaring flight
Electric fuel pump
2 Fuel filters
Nylon tapes on flaperons
Silicon fuel line protection
Stainless steel exhaust system
Tie down anchor system
Steerable tailwheel
Full span flaperons

6+ hours duration - 700nm+ range (engine running) with two 13 gallon wing tanks
34 foot hangar span in 60 seconds
Excellent thermal performance
Airbrakes are not speed limited
Negative flap - cruise, positive -climb
American sized cockpit - 43.5 inches wide
Seatback to rudder pedals - 43 inches
Baggage compartment - 8 cubic feet
Max baggage weight - 100 pounds
720lb empty weight 
600lb useful load

32/1 glide ratio
110kt cruise speed
38kt Stall speed
300 foot take off roll
400 foot landing distance
1200fpm climb solo
1000fpm climb dual
Service ceiling 20,000'+
+4/-2 G load factor

Towhook for towing other gliders
Avionics Battery
Nav lights on both sets of wingtips
Glass panel 
Tasman electric variometer
Wing cradle for trailer transport

Base price: $149,000 








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