Phoenix Air USA      
Hangar: 2178 Taxiway F Unit H Minden Tahoe Airport, NV
Office and Mailing Address: PO Box 1233  Genoa, NV  89411
Cell Phone: 352-250-5644

Wingtip Removal

It only takes a minute to remove the wingtips for hangar storage.  With the wingtips removed, the wingspan is only 34 feet!
Step one: Use the aircraft's phillips screwdriver to open the access door.
Step two: Swing the red handle straight down and slide the wingpin out.
Step three:  Remove the wingtip.
It really is that easy.  It takes about 30 seconds per wing.  The process to reinstall the wingtip is just as easy, and you can switch from the long wingtips (49 feet) to the short tips (36 feet) in a couple of minutes.
Notice the wire cage which locates the pin and only allows perfect placement of the pin.  The pin can be inserted by reaching under the wing, without even seeing the pin placement.  If the pin is not inserted properly, the door will not close.

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