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Phoenix U-15


  • Basic Dimensions: 35’/49′ W x 21′ L x 5’ H
  • Speed Limitation: 120 kts.
  • Weight Limitation: 1320 lbs. gross
  • Range And Glide: 900 NM+/-, 1:32/1:20

Instrument PanelS


  • ROTAX 912 UL (80 HP)
  • ROTAX 912 ULS (100 HP)


The Phoenix U15 motor glider is the best aircraft available for those who want a reasonably affordable aircraft that can serve as a cross-country capable aircraft, and also as a glider that will satisfy most sailplane enthusiasts. The Phoenix has a range of over 900 miles, and speeds exceeding 115 knots. The lightweight wingtips can be switched easily converting the U-15 from a 11 meter to a 15 meter aircraft. With wingtips removed, the U-15 can be stored in most hangars, as opposed to other motor gliders in it’s class.

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