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  • Cockpit heating.
  • Beringer brakes.
  • LXNav S3 Variometer.
  • Radio – Trig TY91 (8.33 kHz, 6 watt).
  • Transponder – Trig TT22 mode S.
  • Rescue parachute whole plane system.
  • 15m and 11m wingtips. Strobe/nav/position lights on each. Includes tiedown points on each tip.
  • McFarlane vernier-assist throttle (NEW). Easier to use and safer than the previous throttle.
  • 2 – Main batteries w/switch.
  • WoodComp KW-20 feathering propeller w/hydraulic assist (NEW). Easier than the previous controller.
  • Electric fuel pump, Pierburg.
  • USB’s on panel (2 if space permits).
  • Winter ASI, FMS 510 degree (80mm or 57mm).
  • Winter QM2 Bank indicator.
  • Carbon fiber instrument panel. Painted aluminum is an option.
  • Turbulators on wings and tail surfaces (NEW). Adds more control at slow speeds and is safer.
  • Speakers and gooseneck microphone.
  • Both LEMO and GA headset connectors.
  • Acrylate (MIPI) paints system (NEW). More UV resistant, and whiter/harder than gel coat.
  • Pitot/total energy probe.
  • Mecaplex vents(2) w/flippers.
  • Koger retractable sun shade.
  • Vinyl “N” number applied. 3″ unless otherwise specifies.

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