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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the availability of the U15?

This is variable because of shipping, but expect 10-15 months from when you pay the deposit.

What is the cost of a Phoenix?

Expect to pay from 215,000 USD, for a basic Phoenix. This cost is variable depending on the currency exchange, and variable shipping costs.

What is the glide ratio (L/D)?

32:1 with the 15-meter wings, 20:1 with the 11 meter wings.

Does the Phoenix come with a ballistic recovery chute?

A ballistic parachute comes standard.

What hangar size is required?

The Phoenix with its wing tips removed is 34′ wingspan, so most T hangars will suffice.

Where can I see a Phoenix, have a demonstration flight, and/or receive training?

You can visit me here in Colorado (KLMO), or Jim Lee in Nevada (MEV) to view and get training for your private glider rating and/or launch endorsement. There will be more locations in the near future.

What advantages are there to getting my glider rating VS light sport rating?

When you receive your glider rating, you can take advantage of being able to fly without medical (self-approval), and you can fly to 18,000′ or higher, and fly at night. With a light sport license, you are restricted to 10,000′ (2,000′ above obstacles), and you are restricted from night flying.

What engines are available for the Phoenix?

The Rotax 912UL(80 HP), and the 912 ULS(100HP).

What range can I expect from the Phoenix?

900 miles on average, depending on cruise speed, and engine.

How do I get my Phoenix serviced/repaired?

There is a network of authorized Rotax mechanics throughout the US, and most A&P’s can do maintenance on the airframe. For specialized carbon fiber repair, please contact Phoenix Air USA.

Where can I get Phoenix U-15 parts?
Can you tow gliders with the Phoenix?

Equipped with the Rotax 912ULS, the Phoenix makes a great tow plane and is an option from the factory.

Is ADS-B included?

No, ADS-B is an option.

Can I design my own instrument panel?

Yes, to an extent. Contact me for further information.

Is there a trailer available for the Phoenix?

Yes, Avionic in Poland makes a trailer specifically designed for the Phoenix. It can be delivered to the JMB factory where your U-15 will be loaded and delivered to a seaport for final delivery.

If you have additional questions about the Phoenix U15 Motorglider, please contact us


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